5 Amazing Outdoor Pendant Lighting Ideas

Umbrella outdoor pendant lighting
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1. Umbrella Outdoor Pendant Lighting

This stunning and brilliant pendant light idea not only looks totally cool and impressive to your guests, it’s also water proof so no fear of rain pouring down
and ruining your happy party night.

All you need is a good collection of small size umbrellas (works especially
well with vintage looking items), hook the wires up and pull them through the
umbrella handles to connect to the light bulbs.

When all is assembled, simply hang these umbrella pendant lights into nested
wires (they will become invisible in the darkness in the evening).

And there you go, a magical, romantic and amazingly beautiful outdoor pendant
lighting set up to turn any outdoor space into a full blown decorative party.

Great for cocktail parties or best for any outdoor social events that you are
not sure about the weather, or when it's windy and traditional means of
illumination is out of question, such as flame candles.

2. Outdoor Pendant Track Lighting

Pendant Track Lighting

The playful and charming beauty of this outdoor sting lighting design is pretty much self explanatory. Though it
requires some work and a bit of electric diy skills, if you have a man in the
house, this should be a piece of cake.

The whole idea behind this hanging pendant lights is
creating a special ambiance
to your outdoor backward, deck,  garden or
winery experience. Whether it's lanterns, crystal balls, or Christmas string
lights covered with hand made birds out of wires, choose the one that perfectly
compliments the mood you desire, such as playfulness, intimate feeling or simply
a relaxed and warm summer night atmosphere.

Your creativity is what will make this pendant track lighting set up unique
and personalized. Try mixing and paying around with many designs. For example,
replacing tiki torches with flameless candles is a great idea to try, as they
are safe to handle even with kids hanging around, and the same time create that
mysterious touch to any settings.

3. Warm Wedding Glass Pendant Lighting

glass pendant lighting

Do you love romantic settings with sparkling crystals and light reflections
bouncing off each other, creating almost a wonderland – like atmosphere? This
economical, easy to prepare, yet gorgeous wedding reception lighting arrangement
is all about playing with light and taking advantage of the surrounding objects
to be part of a spectacular natural light performance.

On the tables we have scented candles inside tea light glasses providing soft,
animated ambience with the added warmth from the burning flames. Up top, there
is illusion that you are surrounded by chandeliers instead of light bulbs and
tea lights inside glass spheres that hang from the trees.

The double layer of illumination not only brings out all the beautiful contrasts
of flowers and glasses, they also emanate warmth and help to keep the
temperature distributed evenly in cold winter nights so that your guests can
enjoy the comfort of being indoor all the while indulging in the mesmerizing
outdoor setup.

4. Mysterious Luna Pendant Lights

Moon Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Wow your friends with these interesting miniature moons floating in the air with
very soft glows of light, just enough to illuminate your Halloween costume or
Easter holiday parties. These lunar globe lighting fixtures can be hanged indoor as well, but for
the best impact, an outdoor layout during calm, dry and not so windy days is

making balloon globesTo
make the moon globes you will need:

  1. Perfectly round balloons (from party stores)
  2. Papyrus Paper (light weight, under 110gsm)
  3. Craft Glue

First, blow the balloons to the sizes you want and tighten them. Dip the
papyrus paper into glue solution mixed with water at 50/50 ratio. Then tear
apart these sheets of paper into narrow strips around 1 inch wide (2.5cm wide).
After that lay these wet strips around your blown balloon to cover its surface,
leaving only a hole just big enough to push the light bulb through later on, as
shown in the picture to the right (which uses hemp strings instead of papyrus
paper, but the principle is similar).

Leave your moon globe to dry completely (usually takes about 24 to 48 hrs)
and you have the papyrus paper already turned into hard mold in the sphere shape
of the balloon. Carefully release the air out the balloon and take it out and there you have a Luna
globe ready for your Moon pendant lights show. Just be gentle with handling –
these paper globes are very fragile.

5. Custom Recycled Paper Pendant Globe Light

Recycled Paper Pendant Globe Light

Called “Sidney Pendant Light” balls – this is something you can actually buy 100%
handmade by GlassLion home. The entire range of these paper

pendant lighting designs
can be found at etsy.com.

The lamp uses lots of vintage paper rosettes from newspapers, magazines and
books. Each petal is hand cut and then put together into a wire structure that
holds a warm yellow light bulb inside. The effect is a beautiful shimmering of
light as it penetrates each petals and a cozy warm feel for any dining room or a
half-open outdoor patio space.

A perfect blend of vintage and modern outdoor lighting design.

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